How Much Will My Move Cost Me?

Local Moving Prices

At Alliance Van Lines no move is too small.  Whether you are moving across town or across the street, we can ensure your move goes as planned.  Professional movers will save you time, effort and stress.  Your unique move will be handled by highly-trained professionals who can efficiently pack, load, unload and unpack your items in just a day.

Local Moving prices are usually based on when you are moving, what moving services you desire and the distance between locations.  On a local move, usually you would save much more than a long distance move.  Our local moving services can be customized to your unique needs.

Alliance Van Lines relocation specialists will design a moving plan for you to fit your budget.  Simply contact us and we will customize your move for you.

Cross Country Relocation Prices

Alliance Van Lines will often price a long distance or an interprovincial move based on the weight of the shipment.  A relocation specialist will work with you to design a moving plan that will work within your budget and your timeline.

Reputable carriers will either offer an in-home estimate or offer tools to help estimate the weight of your load prior to the move taking place in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.  By providing your relocation specialists with a list of items that you are looking to move, he or she can in return provide you with a more accurate quote so that you can make a decision about items you want to take or leave behind.

Always keep in mind that all quotes are provided to you based on the information that we receive at the time of the quote request.  If you decide to ship more, the total weight will reflect this and therefore the total price will increase.

Alliance Van Lines will cater to all of your cross country moving needs at very competitive and affordable pricing.  We will take the stress and worry out of your moving process – no matter where you are moving.