Moving Coverage

Alliance Van Lines has the one of the best quality standards and training programs in place to ensure that your valuables are safe during transportation and storage.  We take great pride in providing a safe, worry free move so that you can focus on other things.

However, on occasion damages and/or losses do occur.  This is why coverage needs to be taken into consideration before making the big move.

What Happens if I Need to Claim a Loss or Damaged Item?

Alliance will take all the necessary steps to ensure no damages or losses occur, however in moving there is always a risk.  If there is any case of damage or loss it is recommended to contact your relocation specialist immediately for further instruction on how to submit a claim.  It is also important to take pictures of damages for the file.  Your claim must be submitted in the appropriate manner within 10 days of your delivery date.

What Can I do While Preparing to Reduce the Risk of Damages?

Alliance relocation specialists are trained in all parts of the move, we are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations for packing all items to reduce the risk of damage due to improper preparation or packing.

How does the Coverage/Protection Work?

Included in the move is Released Rate Liability, this is required by the federal government for any registered Canadian transportation company.

This coverage is limited and will only cover your goods at 60 cents per pound per article.  That is if you have a damaged 300 lbs dresser, you would have a coverage of $180 (300 lbs @ 60 cents/pound) should the item be damaged or lost during transportation.

How Can I Get More Coverage / Protection?

Alliance Van Lines offers additional coverage for an additional fee.  Please speak with your relocation specialist so they can explain how our additional coverage works and the cost associated.  All extra or additional coverage options must be requested in writing with the originating carrier at least 1 (one) business day before moving day.  We do also encourage you to speak with your own personal insurance provider, as you may be already be covered and wont need to purchase extra coverage.