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Small Boxes

1.5 Cubic Foot Box – 16 x 12 ½ x 12 ½  inches

2 Cubic Foot Box – 18 x 15 x 12 inches

**Ideal for books, dvd’s, kitchen items, breakables and fragile items, table lamps and shades

Medium Boxes

3 Cubic Foot Box – 18 x18 x 16 inches
4 Cubic Foot Box – 18 x 18x 24 inches

**Ideal for pots and pans, electronics, small kitchen appliances.

Large & Oversized Boxes

5 Cubic Foot box – 18 x 18x 27 inches
6 Cubic Foot Box – 22 x 22 x 21 ½ inches

**Ideal for pillows, toys, large blankets, cushions from chairs/sofas or odd shaped items

Wardrobe Boxes

24 x 21x 48 inches

**Ideal for hanging closes, chandeliers, wind chimes, wall decorations, large odd shaped items

China Boxes

18 x 18x 28 inches

**Ideal for dishes, cups, vases, large statues or art pieces

Other Materials:

High quality packing tape

**There are many options for tape on the market, but packing tape is designed to stay adhered to a cardboard surface and is stronger and more flexible than the majority of tape offered, this ensures the lowest risk for the boxes seals opening during transit.

Plastic Covers

**Ideal for use on any upholstered items, and highly recommended.  These over sized plastic bags are the most ideal and safest way to transport your mattresses, sofas, arm chairs or any upholstered item

Packing Paper

**Packing paper is recommend for padding and protecting delicate or fragile items, newspaper is not recommended as it will leave dirt and ink on the items packed.

Box Labels

**Marking your boxes with stickers may be the easiest way to label the contents of the boxes, this will allow you to stay organized at the time of packing and allows for easy unpacking

**Fragile stickers are recommended to be placed on boxes containing breakable or delicate items

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