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Many, many thanks to Alliance. They saved us. When on moving day our moving truck was a no-show, we called them in a panic and they saved us. We were closing that day and had to vacate the house before 5 pm. Their staff took that into account and worked all afternoon without breaks to ensure that we could empty out the house in time. We of course fed them and offered them drinks once it was all loaded (after all we are all humans). At delivery everything went smooth and they even removed the front door for us at no extra charges as our couch just wouldn’t fit otherwise. I was extremely happy and I thank you their team again for such a great service.

Sam Balinsky

Moved from Kitchener, ON to Oshawa, ON

We used their storage services and we were able to go and see the facilities before moving. I was extremely impressed at how the Ontario facility appeared. The staff looked organized and the crates were nicely stacked. Our sales rep walked us through the warehouse facility and we were satisfied. We had our stuff in storage for over 9 months while our new house was being built. Only great things to say about Jon and Samuel from delivery time.

Erica J.

Kanata, ON – Ottawa, ON

We moved from Calgary to Montreal with a bit of storage in between and used their partial packing service. I was impressed with the response times to all of our requests and the time that was put into the quote preparation and that’s what made me book the move. There were a few items that were scratched – I don’t know whether that happened during storage or transportation, but in general the move was good. Looking forward to starting our new life here.

Monty Grant

Montreal, QC

After going through all the quotes that we received when we requested them, I decided to give Alliance VL the business simply because of their customer service rep. I didn’t regret my decision. Everything arrived on time without delays. Much appreciated.

Sarah Nukeear

Brandon, MB – Cornwall, ON

My wife and I recently moved from Peterborough, ON to Calgary, AB. We just got our items and were very pleased with the outcome. The shipping took about 14 days all together and the items arrived a bit earlier so we were able to use their storage facility. I am very satisfied with their service and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Julia Flanks

Calgary, AB

Very informative quotes and emails with this office. I was never led to believe anything and they were always honest up front. I would not hesitate to move with them again simply because of their honesty. Great response time (I think I saw it in another review as well) and the 2 fellows that arrived for the move really took the time to protect everything.

Andy Cook

Saskatoon, SK

Booked a local move with this company – and I was actually pleasantly surprised. The move was not based by hour so the guys didn’t have to rush and took their time wrapping and protecting items. They did a great job. They took me to scale and walked me through the bill – which made me very happy. Great job especially from Jason and Iso.

Fred Iguon

North York, ON

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