Finding a Mover

Once you’ve narrowed your choices of companies down, it is time to start doing your research. It is important to choose a registered Canadian moving company with educated representatives, that will take the time to explain the process and answer all your questions, remember you will want someone educated and easy to deal with who is eager and willing to not only provide timely responses to emails but who is accessible by phone for any questions or concerns that you would like addressed. They should be knowledgeable and willing to confirm all information in writing to protect you during the process. You should receive your introductory quote, an inventory form (to ensure proper quote is provided), a confirmation of rates, charges and dates scheduled.

Most clients will have a specific date in mind for the move so they can make travel and lodging arrangements in advance. Alliance recommends choosing a weekday for your move, as most of your neighbors will be at work allowing less interruptions to the moving process. We are happy to assist with weekend move dates as well if that best suits your needs .

The basic service Alliance offers does not include the packing of boxes or packing materials, only the ultra thick moving blankets. We are happy to offer packing services for an additional charge, ranging from packing 1 or 2 items to packing your entire home!

It is important to try to make your appointment 2-3 weeks in advance of your move date to ensure you get the dates that best suit your needs, though we highly recommend advance notice, we will work with you to accommodate your last minute moves as well.

There are many factors that will affect the time between the pickup and delivery, the origin and destination locations, whether it is a remote area or has customs or ferry considerations. Weather and road conditions can also have a factor in the transit times, as can the size of the shipment. Though we do everything we can to ensure transit times are met, it is best to allow a little extra time in your planning.

Alliance offers a variety of options for your storage needs, whether it be for a short time while you await occupancy or if you needed long term storage while you look or wait for you new home. Contact your relocation specialist to make a plan that best serves your needs. If possible it is best to make storage arrangements in advance, though in most cases last minute storage needs can be met if required

Alliance is not able to move your vehicle with our trucks, it is not the safest or most economical option. Therefore, we work in cooperation with a trusted third party carrier to assist you with your vehicle shipping needs.

Preparing for the Expenses/Planning a Budget

Our local moving services are based on an hourly rate, dependant on the number of crew members you require and the length of time they spend on the move and any additional services you may require.
Long distance moves are based on a per pound rate, the origin and destination and any additional services you may require.
In either case we recommend speaking with one of our relocation specialists with as many details as possible, so we can not only provide you with a proper quote, but also to ensure we are sending the correct equipment and crews.

Payment for your moving services are collected in full at the time of the delivery, there are a few locations that do require a deposit at the time of the booking. Should you require extended storage your relocation specialist can work out a payment plan for the monthly storage fees with you.
Alliance offers a wide range of payment options, including cash, e-transfer, direct deposit, certified cheques, bank drafts and some major credit cards.

Alliance doesn’t believe in hidden fees, by working with your relocation specialist and providing accurate information we will ensure that all costs are addressed prior to the moving day. If you do request services for an additional cost on the date of the move, our crew will explain the process and ask for your approval by initialling the contract to avoid any confusion at the time of billing and delivery.
Once the arrangements are made Alliance will send you a reservation agreement/confirmation agreement that will reiterate what is and is not included in our service, allowing you the time to discuss it or address any questions with your relocation specialist.

Coverage for the Shipment

Alliance will take all the necessary steps to ensure no damages or losses occur, however in moving there is always a risk. If there is any case of damage or loss it is recommended to contact your relocation specialist immediately for further instruction on how to submit a claim. It is also important to take pictures of damages for the file. Your claim must be submitted in the appropriate manner within 10 days of your delivery date.

Alliance relocation specialists are trained in all parts of the move, we are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations for packing all items to reduce the risk of damage due to improper preparation or packing

Included in the move is Released Rate Liability, this is required by the federal government for any registered Canadian transportation company.
This coverage is limited and will only cover your goods at 60 cents per pound per article.  That is if you have a damaged 300 lbs dresser, you would have a coverage of $180 (300 lbs @ 60 cents/pound) should the item be damaged or lost during transportation.

Alliance Van Lines offers additional coverage for an additional fee.  Please speak with your relocation specialist so they can explain how our additional coverage works and the cost associated. All extra or additional coverage options must be requested in writing with the originating carrier at least 1 (one) business day before moving day. We do also encourage you to speak with your own personal insurance provider, as you may be already be covered and won’t need to purchase extra coverage.

The Relocation of Your Household Items

Our Alliance moving crew will wrap your furniture items in our ultra-thick padded moving blankets. Upholstered items such as sofas, mattresses, chairs should be protected by our plastic covers to ensure the safest, cleanest transportation. Plastic wraps can be purchased on your own prior to the move, or the crew can provide them on the date of move for a small additional fee.

Our basic package requires you to pack your own contents into boxes, it is not recommended to ship belongings in plastic bags or open containers. Mover’s liability on self-packed boxes and other items is limited, please speak with your relocation specialist for further explanation and for suggestions on safe packing practices. Don’t forget we offer professional partial packing options for those items that you may have extra concerns about!

The safest transportation is to empty the contents of drawers, whether it be a dresser, chest, filing cabinet, etc. This is best not only for the contents, but for the furniture item itself.

The Alliance crew will bring specific materials to assist you with the packing of your items, however we are not able to offer having our staff remove items from the wall. If you are requiring us to assist you with the packing of paintings, art, etc you would have to have those items off the walls and prepared for packaging.

The Alliance crew will disassemble basic furniture items, though assembly is not included in the service this can be arranged in advance with your relocation specialist for a small additional fee. If you have items that will need to be disassembled it is best to inform us in advance so we can prepare the crew.

Alliance has no minimum or maximum as far as weight is concerned, we can assist you with any move, no matter how big or small it may be.

We can assist you with moving plants within Canada, however we do not accept any liability for the plants. With cross border moves you are not permitted to move plants, seedlings or seeds across the border.

Though the Alliance team has a great love for animals, we are unable to have your pets on the truck with us, no matter the distance of the move. Please speak with your relocation specialists and we will do our best to assist you in finding a suitable solution for your beloved family pet!

The government restricts the transportation of some items as a matter of public safety:
Propane or propane tanks (even if emptied)
Oxygen Tanks
Fire Extinguishers
Liquids (such as cleaning supplies, cooking oils, alcohol)
Some dangerous goods may be included in your shipment under controlled conditions, while the law prohibits the transport of others. In either case, you must disclose to the Driver every item you intend to include with your shipment that poses a hazard. Should you not disclose this information to the driver it your sole responsibility should there be any issues and Alliance will not take responsibility.

Life happens and sometimes plans change, please contact your relocation specialist as soon as you are aware of any changes allowing them the opportunity to schedule the move for the revised date as requested. Alliance will work with you to keep the arrangements suitable to your schedule

Appliances need to be disconnected and cleaned out prior to the Alliance crews arrival. The majority of appliance needs to be prepared and disconnected by a licensed professional before they can be safely transported. If you choose to handle these matters on your own, Alliance cannot take responsibility should the appliances arrive with internal damages.

The time window for you move is arranged the day prior to the scheduled date, the local dispatch will call to confirm all the address details and to confirm your moving needs to ensure that any last minute changes or details are not overlooked. We highly recommend not planning any travel or appointments on the date of the move, if you cannot avoid it please ensure that you have designated your own agent to be present on your behalf, it is best that if you have to someone there on your behalf whom is familiarized with the arrangements.

Alliance highly recommends that you are present at both portions of the move, as you are the most familiar person with your belongings and the plans that have been made with your relocation specialist. There are some cases where it not feasible for the shipper to be present, and that is not a problem, again in this case it is best that if you have to someone there on your behalf whom is familiarized with the arrangements.

Alliance offers a tracking service through our website, you are also encouraged to call or email your relocation specialist for updates at any time during your moving process.

When the crew arrives they will request instructions during offloading as to where the furniture should be placed. Boxes will be arranged in an area of convenience so you are able to unpack at your own pace.